Welcome Rescues

We’re so glad you decided to join us!

Send your supporters to the website using your Rescue Referral Link after you’re approved

For every stuffed animal they purchase, your rescue will earn $5

It’s that easy!

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Rescue Dashboard

Welcome back! This is where you can manage your sales reports, view stats, copy referral urls (links) to share with your supporters, and more. If you have any questions, please contact us.




When do I share my Rescue Referral Link?

We’ll review your submission and email you with an approval.  Your status will also update on your Dashboard from Pending to Approved.

Once you are approved, when someone comes to the site using your Rescue Referral Link and makes a purchase, your rescue group will receive a $5 donation for each stuffed animal.

How do you know which link the buyer’s used to get to your site?

The Rescue Referral Link includes your unique Rescue Group Affiliate ID. As long as they come to the site using your link, the rest is automatic.